ANNA KASUTINA is hands-on, detail-oriented, and a fast thinker. All these qualities make her a great researcher. She provides great results and finds the required answers. She is efficient and knows her way around complicated matters. She has learned these skills over years with help from mentors and in everyday life. She keeps herself updated on current affairs and the world of fashion. With ANNA, you’re always guaranteed to get what you need and more.

ANNA KASUTINA is an exceptional, passionate, resilient, and hard-working person. She holds herself to high standards and delivers nothing but the best work. These qualities make her an exceptional model and an effective member of any team she is a part of. She is an even greater mentor. With over ten years of experience in the field, ANNA has worked with both local and international brands and with people of various cultures. She has great stamina and can complete any task she is given.

It takes a good eye to see potential talent, and it takes a great teacher to help unpack all the untapped talent. ANNA KASUTINA ticks all the boxes. Through years of experience, she has mastered how the fashion industry works, how one can make it in the industry, and the correct route for one to take depending on what they are good at. She offers fantastic advice on how to prepare for casting calls and how to present yourself to make you unforgettable to casting agents. She can also effectively train newcomers on what to expect.

Creative and highly imaginative, ANNA KASUTINA has the ability to pair a scene with the right content and location. She works miracles when it comes to matching a story and a scene. Her ability to see the outcome and what everything should be like before it comes to life makes her the best candidate for any location scouting job. Backed with years of hands-on experience, she is exceptionally qualified for this role.

ANNA KASUTINA has a bold, elegant and sophisticated sense of fashion. It makes her undeniably unique. She’s a cut above the rest. Her style accommodates different genres and various occasions. She is always up to date with the latest fashion trends and knows how to dress different body types and complexions. She has also styled pieces that have walked the runway and featured in various photo shoot campaigns.

Concept art is the ability to create something that does not seem realistic, making the impossible seem possible while keeping the beauty and originality of objects. ANNA KASUTINA is exceptional when it comes to creating concepts for photo shoots, adverts and more. She has many years under her belt of being both behind and in front of the camera. As a model, she has amazing stamina and she’s very flexible and open to change. She is capable of completing any task.

Over the course of her career, ANNA KASUTINA has developed and improved on her creative ability. From creating interesting costumes to make-up, she is your go-to girl. She has a way of bringing dreams to reality with her ability to come up with unique and interesting shoots ideas. She can create unique backgrounds and come up with the most divine costumes to ensure the completion of the final product.
ANNA has some inspired ideas. Her ability to let her brain run wild and
deliver results makes her a cut above the rest.

Through her years of experience, ANNA KASUTINA has learnt the skills needed when working in front of cameras. She is one of the best to learn the ropes from. She has featured in adverts, magazines and photoshoots and for each project, she has learnt the skills to make them successful. Now, she shares these skills from behind the camera, helping to make the magic happen. She’s effective from this point of view because she understands both the models’ perspectives and that of a director.

Anna is well known for her ability to plan and keep stuff in order. Being a photography coordinator comes naturally to her. She oversees the administrative aspects of planning for a photo shoot. During the photo shoot, she makes sure everyone has everything they need to make a photoshoot event successful. What makes Anna special is the fact that she has worked on both sides and has a deeper understanding and a clearer perspective on how things should go.

ANNA KASUTINA is amazing at overseeing the production of fashion shows. Because of her experience in front of the camera and her excellent creativity, working in production comes easy to her. Anna is responsible and authoritative, making the necessary decisions to make production a success. She has worked on a number of successful projects and everyone enjoyed working with her.