Anna Kasutina is an accredited professional commercial/print model and creative director. A consistent love for the arts has pushed Anna to challenge herself to create a modelling and fashion organization

“AK “ a model mentor, photography casting director, runway coordinator/coach, and fashion events producer, photography coordinator. Anna producing modelling training programs, at these events there are training courses in runway, posing, portfolio building, building self-confidence and character. She provides aspiring and professional models with opportunities to gain access to the industry, nationally and worldwide.

Anna is a signed agency model based in Cape Town, South Africa, and works mainly on beauty, fashion editorials, and commercial print jobs. Raised in Europe, she fell in love with modelling by competing at a local pageant that she won, and has been doing it professionally ever since. She has been featured in international magazines, TVs commercials, done campaigns.

“So far I have reached aspiring models by providing casting call opportunities for fashion shows, photoshoots, clothing boutiques, model training, etc, and I plan to reach more.”

Aside from modelling and her coordinating, Anna has professional skill sets in fashion-events production, arthouse and editorial projects, creative direction.

Anna aims to keep following her heart and trust where fate leads her with the goals of expanding her modelling career and continuing to explore the world of photography and film industry.

” I spend my time giving back to my community by providing positive mentorship, coaching youth sports and volunteering. Outside of coaching and mentorship my passions consist of fashion,photoshoot coordination, photography and creative directing. I believe that through modelling I will be able to give youth in my community hope that there are many ways for them to succeed while truly having fun and being confident in themselves. “
– Anna